Leaked confidential information, parimanira father Omar Sunny !!


06 November, Wednesday nineties popular hero Omar II. Sunny Omar’s wife, actress seasonal kapano dhallywood screen. But the sexy actress Sunny parimanira father Omar said he heard anyone on any given day? Has recently leaked secret information!

However, it is not reality. Shooting begins in January next year, “pagalire You ‘film starring Omar will play the role of an angel’s Sunny.

However, the actor Omar Sunny Badiul Alam Khokon ‘in harajit. The monsoon is acting against her.

A few days before the end of the parimani her photo shoot a few under construction. A few days before the birthday fairy parimanira new film pagalire You ‘announced the makers of Moin.

January shooting is due to begin the film. Now the other artists of the election are working manufacturers. Meanwhile, abhinaya parimanira the role of the father in order to have the final sanike Omar.

Also in the picture abhinaya is scheduled to Sadek Bachchu many.

The belief Moin said, Bandarban and Sylhet will start in January, you pagalire. Will premiere in December. Sunny Omar angel’s role in the film will abhinaya. The final conversation is. Him a day or two later contracted to do. “