Learn from F1 to F12 buttons on the computer …


We know, F1 to F12 function keys up to a dozen of them have what are called. Now let’s take note of this key work.



F1: What are used as booster. Each program, pressing F1 ‘Help’ moves.

F2: to change the name of a file or folder (and rename) is used for. By pressing Alt + Ctrl + F2 to open a new file in Microsoft Word. Word print preview can be seen by pressing Ctrl + F2.

F3: This is a search facility for many programs, pressing the Microsoft uindojasaha. Word text by pressing Shift + F3 to uppercase or lowercase letters, uppercase first letter of each word are used to.

F4: Ward’s last action performed again (Repeat) can be the key. Is activated by pressing Alt + F4 will close the program. By pressing Ctrl + F4 will close the active window.

F5: Microsoft Windows, Internet browser, and press F5 to Refresh. PowerPoint slide show to start. Word find, replace, go to the window is opened.

F6: It karasarake web browser address line, place the mouse (address bar) was taken. Open another document in Word by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F6 is activated.

F7: Word spelling and grammar writing is done by pressing the key. Caret browsing in Firefox can be launched. Word by pressing Shift + F7 any selected word synonym, antonym, word out of the dictionary, etc. are introduced.

F8: This is used when the operating system starts. Safe Mode- press it to run on Windows.

F9: Quarks Express 5.0 Measurements toolbar can be opened with the key.



F10: Web browser or an open window, the menu bar is selected by pressing the key. Any selected text by pressing Shift + F10 or the attachment, right-click the mouse over the link, or the picture is the same.

F11: Web browsers can be seen in full.

F12: Save as Word window is opened by pressing the key. Press Shift + F12 to save the file in Microsoft Word. And Word files by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12 is printed.