Less sleep means the possibility of a heart attack


Eating right. Doing regular exercise. I think it’s all right. However, sleeping seven hours a day, right? It means less sleep than the possibility of a heart attack.

Silent night. The world is drowning in his sleep. But there is dipasikhara sleep. Eyes laptop. That left a lot of office work …

Dipasikha corporate employees. Jetagatira lifestyle. Busy all day. Nawa-do not have time to eat. Three-year-old little boy at home. Sick mother. One family alone to handle. Baramasyaya busy disappeared from the eyes of sleep. (Child care, school, send, come up with, to his own office, caring for her ailing mother, drugs, home office work pending.)

Read more sleeping seven hours a day, right?

Dipasikhara naughty boy. There are twelve and a half-hour before sleep. He left the office to work. At dawn the night to end. (Sleeping tried, but I can not. I can only sleep 4-5 hours.) But the head of the summons. Extreme danger. That number is up in the heart 4-5 hours of sleep. Older heart attack. The way?

(All minimum 7 hours to sleep. In the future heart problem might be. But what can I do? How Lifestyle Change? Sleeping’ll try.) How dipasikha Bhabanipur change this journal? I do not know. But that’s the way to find out.