Let us know when to get married, but with Dev!!


Were supposed to get married. Yes, not marriage. But the marriage ghatale candidate Deb went back. Many people will be happy, let’s father, not marriage. Many people will be surprised, and his mother, What! Deberao was about marriage. But what I did? Happy, not surprised angry?



It was the film Chandrakona City. Vanity van at the latest. Laughing, he said, “We had a plan to get married soon. I was thinking I will get married. But I went back to the bar. However, in two years I will. ”

Schools deferred for whom? With the will to stay in character palitikyali smile and said, “Hey, there is time to get married. First let me setalada gate. “Setalada politics is supposed to be what? “Oh no! In fact, the whole thing has seekers.
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Say it, say it, say career. In addition, in front of the sister. Before the day of his sister’s marriage. This year will be. ” Khokababura family sources, the wedding was moved to begin. But Ghatal was slightly delayed. Came on Thursday. Before I came to the last mahisadara bhitete paternal half years ago. To mark a relative’s marriage. Then, Krishna rajura Lou was right to insist on her marriage. Krsnadebira word,


“said Raju gatabarai to get married. I wanted to know, has anyone remember it? Raju smiled just smiled. Iyarkira his pure relationship with me. The bar where he got the chance! For a very short period of time and came. Deb, however, is the uncle Shaktipada mahisadara open house on Thursday, said, “Raju must be married. However, before his sister should be.