Life imprisonment for dowry when the woman injured!!


The person responsible for the fatal injuries dowry a woman for life, or imprisonment shall be not less than 1 year. By adding a provision ‘Dowry Prohibition Act, 017 “approved in principle the draft.


The regular meeting of the cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Monday approved. The end of the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam briefed reporters.

The law includes some new things. The new law is the law and ordinances before adjusting. Under the law, inciting suicide, a woman for dowry 14 years imprisonment and an additional fine would be punished.

According to the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, the draft dowry death penalty for incitement to commit suicide in a last-minute penalty, but is minimized.

Shafiul Alam, dowry law for women victims of severe injuries as well as damage to the punishment of imprisonment for the accused as well as the provision of support has been considering the death penalty. The general accused for more than three years of injuries, but at least one year rigorous imprisonment and a fine may be additional penalties.


In 1980, the Dowry Prohibition Act of demanding a dowry and dowry transaction, but the penalties for torture or punishment for instigation to commit suicide is not talking.