Likewise, the e-cigarette is harmful for your health


Please note that if the eating habits of cigarettes. To protect the health of the elimination of tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarette has. Thinking, you survived! Not at all. Totally wrong in thinking. E-cigarettes are harmful to your health as well.

This information came up in a recent report. Denatisatrira racastara School of Medicine and the United States, the report said, like cigarettes e-cigarettes are equally harmful to teeth and gums. E-cigarettes are made of vapor that burns, inflammation of the cells are made. Similar to that loss. Thereby occurs in a variety of oral disija.

Most of the e-cigarette is a battery, so that the fluid is kept to a tapayantra and a cartridge. Especially in the liquid are nicotine, flavor and other chemicals, including chemical manufacturing.