Liquor tea is the point! You knew?

Home, office, neighborhood gossip. The identity of Bengalis tea words. But the Finnish mesalei milk tea. Liquor tea plenty of times. Heart is good. Cancer prevention. Reduces the risk of diabetes. Increase resistance to disease.

Researchers at the University of Berlin, Germany, said, Liquor tea vessels expand, which causes high blood pressure and heart disease is very important to control. The expansion vessels are responsible for tea kyatecina. Kyaseina milk is. This prevents kyatecinake. As a result, tea, milk tea mixed vascular capacity expansion goes perfectly.

The researchers claim that the US Department of Agriculture, the effects of extracts from cells 15 times more insulin than usual exuded. It is very important to control diabetes. But this tea, milk mixed insulin decrease emissions. 50 g milk is mixed in, then the insulin can reduce emissions by 90 percent. Liquor control weight load matching pair of tea. Liquor tea without sugar, calories are dudha II. Liquor tea with 1 teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories. 1 teaspoon of sugar and calories 6 dudhasaha is tea.

Liquor tea is a healthy heart. Cancer prevention. Increases resistance to disease. Mouth cancer prevention. Antioxidants prevents DNA damage, which is plenty of Liquor tea. Bone density. Liquor tea reduces stress. Enhances digestion. Liquor tea helps increase energy. Activates the brain and nerves. Reduces cholesterol. Smooth skin. Liquor tea provides nutrients to the hair.