List of the 10 richest cricket board in the world. See katate Bangladesh?

1) Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) – 295 million dollars: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) headquartered in Mumbai, India. The BCCI conducts the Indian cricket. Calcutta Cricket Club was formed in December 1928 by the BCCI.

2011-12 season BCCI profit of $ 49,996, the second-placed England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), much of it behind. The International Cricket Council (ICC) submitted to the ECB, according to the latest statistics, the 24306 has earned millions of dollars in profit. In that case, the difference between the BCCI and ECB profits of $ 25689 million.

Ii) Cricket South Africa (CSA) – 69 million dollars

The world’s second-richest cricket board, Cricket South Africa (CSA). The total value of the Board on December 31, 2012te was 68,436 million dollars. However, a number of the board of the South African Cricket Board 225783 million dollars was ahead on this topic. Despite revenues of $ 60,508 million, CSA and loss account shows a total of 6027 million dollars. Also, CSA and Zimbabwe, whose income from these two that the board had spent more than (66.536 million dollars)

3) The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) – 59 million dollars

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the England and Wales Cricket’s governing body. 1 January 1997, the Test and County Cricket Board, the National Cricket Association and the Cricket Council is part of the board. 007 ECB income was 93 million pounds. Just the previous year, income was 77 million pounds this board. They face a lot of profit in a year.

4) The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) – 55 million dollars

The Pakistan Cricket Board is a professional sports organization in the country, the cricket, the Test and one-day international matches operates. Pakistan’s national cricket team, the PCB is responsible for managing all the matches. The board was established in 1948. In July, 195 in July, the International Cricket Council (ICC) joined the Pakistan Cricket Board. Since then became a full member of the ICC Test playing board. 195 of the Pakistan cricket team to play in the first Test series against India.

5) The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) – 51 million dollars

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), Bangladesh Cricket Control Board (bisisibi) was known. Became a full member of the ICC in June 6 000. BCB headquarters of the country’s capital, Dhaka. From there, the game, the field, the game board to carry out the development and maintenance work. The Bangladesh Cricket Board is managed by the Government of Bangladesh.

6) Zimbabwe Cricket (GC) – 3 million dollars

Zimbabwe cricket has been in charge to manage the Zimbabwe Cricket (GC). Zimbabwe Cricket Union before it (jisiiu) was known. ICC full member of the Zimbabwe Cricket Board. Zimbabwe cricket shoulder all the responsibility for managing the country’s cricket. This includes Test cricket, osana Day matches, the matches -২0.

7) Cricket Australia (CA) – 4 million dollars

Cricket Australia (CA) before it was known as the Australian Cricket Board. Australian professional and amateur cricket governing body of the CA hayala. In 1905, it essentially “Australian Board of Control for Cricket ‘was set up as. By guarantee, it is included as an Australian public company.


8) Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) – US $ 0 million

Sri Lanka Cricket or SLC ago (bisisiesaela) was known. It controls cricket in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s national cricket team and first-class cricket it operates. The board and the various committees by the government because it is managed by former player several times and has been criticized by journalists.

9) The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) – 15 million dollars

West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), the country’s cricket governing body of professional and amateur. The Board was formed in 1920 first. However, in 1996, changed the name of the board. The board changed the name of the St. John’s headquarters daphatara, Antigua and barbudate. Since 1926 the West Indies ICC full member of the Board of krikeka

10) New Zealand Cricket (enajesi) – $ 9 million

At the bottom of the New Zealand Cricket. The Board’s total revenue of $ 8,611 million, of which only 2285 million dollars in profit. The rest of the income is very low tulanaya boards.