Local can be found in just three million cars!


The company aims to improve the lives of ordinary people in foreign countries, technical assistance, the government plans to set up a car factory. Public-private joint venture, the government is going to do this. And in this case, the government is considering the purchasing power of the common people.


Local factory-made cars may determine the price of Rs five lakh. The letter from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Ministry of Information Industry recently said the letter from the Department of yayapradhanamantrira car factory in the country, and urged them to set up private entrepreneurs were all instructed to cooperate.
As a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry has given the directions to the letter.

A report in the Daily Kaler Kantha Laboni Farzana said.


According to the Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh Steel and Steel Company Limited under the company as well as the complete new car company gragati Industries Limited will be established. Government supervision of the private sector and foreign entrepreneurs with the business of the joint venture plant will be built.