Make the leap to the left of his house ??


Almost all suffer from problems with winter lips. This is the time to stay with a leap to the left. One of the most important things left in the leap. But did you know bajaracalati temporarily left the leap lips covered a lot of these synthetic leap over dry lips can be left? Make yourself at home so the leap to the left.


What you need

Virgin Coconut Oil: 12 tsp

Coconut oil will mayascaraija lips so as not to let her go ayantiaksidyanta dry lips. Dense coconut oil needed to make the leap to the left.

Amanda Tel: 12 tsp

The oil acts as a carrier oil likyuida amanda. All of which helps to keep the mix and smuda.

Raw Honey: 1/8 teaspoon

Honey helps to mayascaraija lips. Quality does not ayantibyakateriyala’s gonna blow lips.

Vanilla extract: 12 tsp

Add the vanilla smell eksatrakta leap to the left.

Organic sugar 1 table spoon

How to make

Take all the ingredients together in a glass bowl. Mash and mix well with a plastic spyatula going until the worms. 12 ounce glass jar full of the day.

How to use

This is because the sugar crystals helps to eksapholiyeta left lip. Scrub lips with a finger to the left a little leap. Clean cloth soaked in warm water to remove the lips.