Mars robot can RUET


Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) A group of students have developed a robot capable of Mars mission successfully claimed.

Inventors claim that the Mars robot to measure the temperature, water flow, or the presence of any toxic gases or whether there will be able to determine.

RUET mekatraniksa engineering department and engineering department students held misakatera mukidura Rahman led a group of students studied for a long time, “a pioneer” in the name of the robot was developed.

Wake News mukidura Rahman said the leader of innovation, the robot will be able to drive any adverse circumstances Mars. It has been used to develop some of the sensors, which automatically slows the nature of the weather during a raid on Mars, to determine the presence of toxic gases in the earth, nature, structure, etc. to send information about the search and the world will be able to upload pictures.