Mashrafe demands of making a film !!


Mahmoud, a friend wrote, Mashrafe a film should be made, consider the claim. Many plots, which can be found Mahendra Singh Dhoni would also feel tacim story. I have never seen such a legend.


Unbelievable. His behavior, his feeling, his siriyasanyasa, obharaala all in one word, beautiful. Kyapteina salute!

Fahim Masroor, a written, will be the manager when our country …… “forest Lion” does not make a film about the build Mashrafe !!!!

Aaqib mohaimena a man named al-wrote, can be helpful if I bet, Mortaza was no movie, it will be the most successful movie business!

Mashrafe demanded of others who make a movie. However, whether he will be the future of movies is always debe-conclusion