Mehadi planting time, these mistakes do not at all!


Many were organized by the various designs of henna. The market is in turn bought the best mehedita. But one day later, the henna color is pale! The trouble is all over. But you know what, we are largely responsible for the fading of the color of henna!



Very surprised? After henna Mehedi we were to do something that can fade the color of henna. Let’s see something that can not be done at the time of henna.

1. After you’ve washed your hands with soap henna, many of which would never do. Alkaline soap pasty material that is the color of henna.

II. Wash hands after a while, the henna will not. Try to keep at least 6 hours henna hand. If possible, remove it the next morning with henna night. Henna done before bathing to remove. Remember, remember, the more intense the color of henna will have more time to

3. Sugar, leburapani henna color is dark. But too much use of color is brown henna. To see which is not good at all.


4. Do not use the hair dryer for drying never Mehedi henna. Design Your design is likely to be damaged. The henna to dry naturally. If necessary, the fan can be used for drying henna.

5. Mehdi water or water before the meal, do not eat too much.