Mehzabin infected brain tumor!


Local television actress Mehzabin Chowdhury affected brain tumor. Favorite Actress in a suspense fans duhsambade Mehzabin give birth. There is nothing to worry. In reality it is not, “Maya mayapurera ‘title role in a telefilm that will appear on the screen, he said.

“Mayapurera Maya story can be seen, Maimun, a photographer by profession. Professional work was wandering in various places. This day was introduced with Maya. They gradually fell in love relationship.

Maya is the daughter of a conservative family. Parents, brothers and sisters are all very religious. Maimun and Maya’s relationship, they can not accept. But the illusion of love rushed away to mayamunera.


They fled married. Both started a new life. If they are happy to risk. But the happiness did not last long. Maya was diagnosed with a brain tumor.