Men’s jeans in the body that cause serious danger!


This period is one of the most popular fashion trends jeans. As stylish jeans, as durable. Wearing jeans, but there are some serious disadvantages. According to a recent study, particularly men wearing jeans harmful effects on the body. If you regularly wear tight jeans decreased sexual ability in men.

Germany jastasa laibiga University Center of Dermatology and the goal of this research was conducted by ayandrolajira, extra tight clothing, no harm to the body, he did not know about. According to the research results, constantly wearing tight jeans Men jananange fungal infection that eventually leads as possible, but also reduces the ability of men. Because if you constantly wear tight jeans can reduce the sperm count in men.

Hilary Jones, chief research report, “Women’s reproductive organs as a result of wearing tight jeans kind of abnormal heat increases. This heat causes sperm damage. Decreased sperm count in men. One of the five men who wear figure-hugging jeans with this problem can be seen in the body.

She told me what to do about it, “dressed to be noticed at the time, so any kind of pressure to the groin. Reproductive organs enough breeze to play. If you happen not to be afraid any more. However, wearing tight jeans, men lose their ability to have sex, it is not so. Skin tight jeans wearing regular sexual life of men will have some harmful effects. “.