Messi went narrowly !!


Mesira just 18 minutes in the air if you would have broken the plane of the Argentina team! Sapekoyensa players like Messi would die! Messi, as the plane was filled with fuel, the plane was able to go two minutes to 4 hours.


Russia lost to Brazil in the World Cup qualifying round in Buenos Aires, the plane was returning mesira 4 hours 4 minutes! And it was only 18 minutes left!

However, players sapekoyensera of aircraft of the same company in Bolivia was headed from the airport medelinera bharei not necessary fuel.

But the plane crashed into a mountain collapsed before medeline down. Bolivian police came to investigate the incident on Wednesday arrested the owner of the airline. Bolivian police department spokesman said Celia kastedo, from the aircraft before leaving for Bolivia, he warned about the potential dangers of the pilot!



Kastedo said after the accident, I have received death threats on several occasions. Therefore, the protection of the Brazilian government published the news media ceyechibudhabara Brazil.