Mia Khalifa Saudi ambassador to the US demand …


When you’re busy packing his own team to run the administration in the United States presidential election, won by Donald Trump, then one has a claim to another person online. Porn star Mia Khalifa was appointed as US ambassador to Saudi Arabia after he claimed.

The person who made this claim as delakama radrigoyeja-Goldstein. In the meantime, he claims to have started collecting saio. Four thousand people have signed it so far.

Delakama said, ‘Mia Khalifa cultural background of the development of our country and the international community, regardless of ability to gather evidence. He correctly will represent the United States in the Middle East. “

Pornstar Mia Khalifa adult entertainment industry is no longer active. Oyasintanapostake he said in an interview last July, he plans to leave the porn business.

According to several reports, he will be active for one year, the porn industry. But already has a large number of social media and his fans. Mia Khalifa 13 million followers on Twitter and Instagram 0 thousand five million more than the number of fans. He is now in his ‘fame’ to the United States using the most popular college football.