Mingle merchant was surprised to learn about the information that you know no one will be surprised!


Misha merchant. He can be seen on the screen, we hear from serial killer, was a smuggler. He is the number one villain. More than thirty years long atasarao negative role in the film has done. “Notorious murderer, ‘red eye’, the top Terror, Monsters,”


wild man “film giant statue of his audience has set vibrating. The bad people are always in front of the screen. Today is the birthday of the man in the film. He pancase feet. Birthday told banlameilake, behind Misha how merchant, becoming the villain in his story.

How was your birthday?
Very simple. The ten men. I do not want to birthday party. Everyone knows Facebook’s welfare. Greet everyone before. Many people are at home with a cake. Today, fifty years old gave life.


One human life. Was once born. The live happily spend many days. I want to pray for all the people from all over the world.