Missing phone as a Google search will find


Lost Android smartphone? Can not find anything? Bus, train or fallen in the street, or where home is, I do not remember where anything rekhechema. So who is akacharai. There is another worry. Avoid being scintagrastha Google’s approach is sensible to be. Yes, if you search on Google will receive tracing your lost smartphone.


How? Take a look.

1. Google’s G-mail account, sign in to the search.

II. Then type in the Google search, Where Is My Phone ( ‘Where is my phone’).

3. A map will appear. Your phone’s model number is written on the top left of the map.

4. Google will tell you the location of your phone contacts.

5. Then come the two options. An option to ring, the other to lock. Clicking the option to ring your phone ringtone sound drawn 5 minutes. Clicking the Lock option on your phone will be locked.


If you still can not find the phone to the police station to report better. Remember, Google’s Android smartphone users only receive suibadha. And the phones must have GPS on. I do not get to the phone or Microsoft users this facility.