Mobile handled the habit of bed? After reading this news, and he did not dare!


Smartphone era of mobile human companions. The mobile hand-made, without a moment’s gone. Such was the level of addiction to habit-akaje mobile handled gone that far before going to bed at night, many people go without khutakhata mobile phones. This remains a serious danger abhyasei like emanatai experts fear.

UCLA School of Medicine researchers in a study that concluded at the end of the study as well, before going to bed at night, lying in bed, staring at the screen of mobile phones in the habit of having extremely harmful to health.

This is exactly what kind of damage? Dan Segal asked the head of research doctor says, “is that blue and white light radiated from the mobile phone screen, it prevents the brain from ksarane melatonina the hormone.


The haramonai helps the body to fall asleep. Naturally, if the barrier is created as a result of melatonina ksarane, insomnia and lack of sleep occurs then. “