Mobile is a great opportunity to make money on YouTube Live


New features are being added to the world’s largest video streaming on YouTube plartapharma

Facebook has launched a mobile live streaming few days earlier. Alpakichudinei highly popular Google-owned YouTube, Facebook Mobile has introduced live on the continuation of the feature.

Facebook or Twitter Mobile Live, but no opportunity to earn money you will have the opportunity to live streaming of YouTube Mobile. Iutiubarera responsible for the content of the worldwide increase in the number of new features that YouTube has.
Hopefully, a regular on the live ‘Celebrity’ Many can not be longer than Facebook’s homepage! Phesabbuka just human etenasana “would have a chance to get more money,” etenasana “YouTube is the opportunity to achieve both …

Even before the first live streaming service YouTube has a lot of Facebook and Twitter. This feature brings the race to stay ahead of the competition, the two platforms, Google’s video site.

The feature is available for certain users. However, the feature will be launched soon for all mobile live streaming authorities said. Meanwhile, the feature has been open for some users.


Business-commerce sites, according to Business Insider, Facebook and YouTube rival periskopa live-streaming apps like Live Viewers can comment on it live. However, Emoji or other special ‘Reaction’ benefits will not be immediate.