Money transactions are additional fees to develop !!


Taking extra money from the customer’s pocket money in the bank, a subsidiary company to develop the transaction. Although fixed charge of 18 thousand rupees 50 paise to transfer the money to develop the money is 20.



He also instructed not to take any money out of cash, but it is not followed by agents of development. Cash out money to cut 5 thousand complaints from customers has been found.

According to the 011 started to develop the initiative of the bank on July 1. At that time, use of mechanized send money from one place 1 thousand is charged. Shortly after the charges were increased at the rate of 15 per thousand. Use the opportunity to grow with the development of the transaction leads to another round of charge. Jump around Rs 18 to Rs 3 is charged up to 50 paisa. However, additional charges are not complying with the rate of growth. Money transfer agents who are currently in the money thousand 0. It wound up on the dead. Despite the highly charged to the customer to determine the hostage taking that money to develop one and a half thousand.

Suffering does not end here. Send Money ekadapha the development of cash-out charge is deducted from the sender. If the customer if he’d like to cash-out extra money to pay him. Cash-out customers are forced to pay 5 thousand agents of development.

If the capital of South banasrite said. Shamsul Arefin. Worked in the garment factory. Monthly salary of the village leads to the development of mother and brothers and sisters send money monthly cost. Arefin said, sending thousands of money every month 0 money was paid. However, if you withdraw money from Bhola’s development was cut by Rs 5 thousand from the agent.

He said, we are helpless. About 5 per thousand of the money is going to develop. What should I do? There is no bank in the village kacheto. Therefore, even if the charges are being compelled to send money to develop.


Subhankara Saha, a spokesman for the Bangladesh Bank told about the change, all countries srenipesara give people easier access to banking services, the central bank launched a mobile banking. Bangladesh Bank Mobile Banking cash transaction charges has been set. If a service provider does not mean that appropriate action will be taken against them. When customers complained to the Bangladesh Bank may cancel the bank’s mobile banking.