Monogram sticker placed on the expensive brands of TV sets being sold substandard! If you would surprise !!


Sticker major brands of LED TV sets rampant. Samsung, LG, Sony to match everything. Tibhigulora is less than half the price than the store determined. TV buyers at low prices, major brands were purchased happy.



The first set of the TV screen, the picture quality is not too bad. But not long afterwards came the rub. However, there is no way to cure the hazard. For after-sales service is not available. Does not necessarily give consumers the kind of TV set.

41 Such TV sets were seized on Wednesday in the capital’s Gulistan Sundarban Square Market Ali International company, Usha enterprise, SM Ali Electronics, Ali Electronics, electronics and fast electronic Brothers from the six stores. RAB-3 mobile court operation from the store, Samsung, LG and Sony monogram of stickers, stickers to install the software and equipment available.

Expensive brand logo on the TV set is placed with the dice. Such a sticker of Sundarban Square Market on Wednesday and six kaptanabajarera store was recovered from the RAB. Photo: sangrhitanakala TV sales of 10 million shop claimed responsibility for the three executive magistrates Sarwar Alam, RAB fined. Hazrat Ali in Ali International, owner and manager of two million to six months, Shahin Alam, owner of Enterprise Usha said.



Ismail Hossain Sohel two lakh 50 thousand rupees and manager, said the owner of SM Electronics. Ali, 75 thousand rupees, kaptanabajarera owner Mohammad Ali International. Ali 4 lakh, 40 thousand and fast electronic Brothers Electronics amanaullahake owner Delwar was fined 50 thousand.