More than 10 percent of the body weight of the child’s schoolbag carry ban


More than 10 percent of the child’s body can not be made to bear the weight of the schoolbag High Court verdict. Supervision of the Ministry of Education has been directed. Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Ashish Ranjan Das bench passed the order. A law in the next six months has been directed.

In August, more than 10 per cent of primary school children’s body weight legislation to prohibit the use of heavy schoolbag should not be given to explain why it was issued a rule asking. The pre-primary students schoolbag children not to carry out the court ruling.

Various media reports published in the public interest petition filed by a lawyer of the three oscillation SM Masud Hossain, Md. Ziaul Haque and Anwarul Karim.

In this regard, the petitioner lawyers told reporters, “When the children go to school more than their weight in the bag is unfit to carry his weight.


In the meantime, the Government of Maharashtra in India, more than 10 percent of children are overweight has issued an instruction to carry a heavy schoolbag. We did not apply a law in our country. “