Mosquito coils amount of smoke you know it today, and do not use the winding!


If you’ve been thinking about mosquito coil is helping you sleep peacefully, then you thought wrong. Mosquito coil is your loss. Because cigarette smoking is a mosquito winding 57 is equal to the loss.



V recently to discuss air pollution Citizen Action Network (bhisieena) organized a panel discussion in Mumbai, India. While the rally and consultant respiratory physician said. Sujit Rajan said, “When you illuminate a mosquito coil and overnight in your home as a result of pollution that is caused by the loss of the equivalent of 57 cigarettes and drinking.”

At the time, state governments, doctors, researchers, traffic police officers and citizens to discuss ways to deal with the threat of air pollution in the country. The UNICEF said in a message posted on Twitter, that’s terrible levels of pollution have been in Delhi for every 5 cigarette smoking as a result of damages caused as a child is hurt.

In addition, air pollution as a result of cancer, infertility and diseases like type two diabetes is caused.