Motorcycle Registration: Know how much sisite fee ??


Day motorcycle registration, allowing Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). Thursday, the International Civil Service Day “will allow registration solely on Manik Mia Avenue spot.

Required documents submitted along with the required fee with the registration number can be found.

100 cc or less, and the weight of the motorcycle is less than 90 kg will have to pay a total of 9 thousand 313 rupees. The 100 cc motorcycle on a fee of 10 thousand 923 rupees. BRTA sources said on the website.

For registration with the paper would be to bring
1. The owner and the importer / dealer duly filled and signed by the prescribed application form.
II. 3 copies of the master stamp size color photograph recently taken.
3. Ayantri bills, invoices, bills of ledim and elasie copies (photocopies attested by the importer or owner of the showroom)
4. Certificate cell / cell intimesana / sales documents.
5. Packing list, invoice and delivery gate pass.
6. (A) -1 VAT, (b) VAT -11 (a) and (c) the payment of VAT invoice.

7. The type approval of motor vehicles BRTA sikedi approved list of the Annex.

8. Jamadanira registration fee receipts.
9. Private applicant’s national identity card / passport / telephone bill / electricity bill etc. and the owner of the institution attested photocopies of any of the organization’s letter pad.

10. With a capacity of 125 cc and above motorcycles, registration 50 (fifty) worth of non-judicial stamp Declaration (Declaration and spots can be found in the sample).