Mysterious green comet approaching!


Solar System is going to pass through a mysterious green comet P -45. Saturday morning, when the Earth crosses the comet in the solar system will pass very close.


UK media reported the Daily Star-mail.

AP -45 comet through the solar system every five years in a row crosses. But it rarely comes close to a planet.

However, the minor planet Center scientists say, since the beginning of 1950, 45-P-modern tracking the comet will pass closest to Earth.

According to senior space weather, despite the small size is approaching, the comet is so bright. Lejasaha fan-shaped comet scorched look like a green ball.

According to experts, if the comet collided with the Earth, but it will samatulyai together several nuclear bomb.


One of the experts had forecast, if an asteroid of the Earth is curnabicurna species could destroy us all. The forecast for the specialist as it is a warning.

However, conspiracy theorists believe the world will end this coming through.