New ‘Avatar’ world, viral on social media!

Nearly two lakh 80 thousand rupees of debt on the head of a child born in the world! After the birth of the child, wrapped in vine astepisthe the debt burden continues to grow.
Thus providing suitable accommodation for the children of the promise of arms, is the addition of a part imduradaure. Prakrtibimukha the Spanish agency for children’s small effort bebiklona. It can be said, the child’s family against the symbolic protest! What kind? James Cameron’s popular film “as abatara-see, a planet called Pandora, conducted by local residents to fight hard to protect nature.
Prthibibasike was explained, the importance of forests to survive. Warming, pollution and save the earth swallowed bebiklona made famous riyelistika children. Pyandorabasira precisely like them to see. Such is the nature of the host grown up thinking this sisu being struck them in this initiative.

The news now viral on social media. In addition to these dolls are made in a variety of models bebiklona children. The company that made the dolls are so real that you will not be able to watch it very closely all made of silicon.

The price of one thousand dollars a doll. A different kind of model you can get bebiklona company website. I think, Pandora planet earth really grown children, then you would have felt!