Nilgiri’re going to see and touch the clouds !!


Year-round winter season came to see. Thinking, on vacation with his family, where the winter is wandering?

Nilagiriapanara lilabhumi can visit the amazing beauty of traveling to spell the most ideal place kendrayena the Nilgiri tourist a unique gift of nature. Nilagirite the district throughout the year if you want to see the real beauty of the Nilgiri anagonatabe tourists, in the winter season are habeabara go around Darjeeling, Nilgiri Once they arrive they’ll never see you in Darjeeling Darjeeling is called the viewing sbadanilagirira why Bandarban.

Paharacuraya Nilgiri in Bandarban district, popular tourist attractions. 3 thousand 500 feet from the sea level high in the sky clouds over the mountains, the clouds come down a bit in the sea.

You can touch with your hands, if you want a bunch of white cloud Sometimes clouds come and it would be nothing to you. In fact, day and night over the mountains and clouds friendship. We saw a lot of running room at the sky clouds over,


but never wondered what the catch with your hands, if you want you can meghaguccha. So if you want to go to touch the clouds to meet the desires Nilgiri district. This is a special tourist attraction.