Nitric acid is used freely in Bhola, threaten public health …


Of the six upazilas of Bhola-growing market of small and large stores of gold being used freely in nitric acid. The poisonous smoke as a threat to public health.


Day by day the consequences are dire shape. Nitric acid is used to make ornaments of gold, which dokanisaha nearby shopkeepers loss because the public has become.

After visiting the spot, developed under Sadar upazila of small and medium-sized gold shop in different places.

Burhanuddin also, Daulatkhan, Lalmohon, tazumuddin, Charfashion, Monpura gold stores are used in a variety of nitric acid markets.

Aqua Spirit of the nitric acid and naitara phartisa known as an active mineral acid. The colorless pure compound, because it broke the old acid yellow color creates nitrogen oxides and water.

The concentration of nitric acid, 68% of commercial product. When the nitric acid concentration is more than 86% of the “smoldering nitric acid,” says.

Smolder on the basis of the presence of nitric acid, nitrogen dioxide, white and red is divided into two parts.

Naitresana density of more than 95% nitric acid is used as the reaction of the reajent. Nitric acid is commonly used as a strong jarana material.

However, even if it is not complying with the rules of use of the acid one. Rules for the use of separate rooms and a chimney to use it, but it could be seen most stores.

As a result, it is open to the public, to the detriment of the use of nitric acid daariyeche.

As the acid, nitric acid toxic smoke freely use the common people are suffering from various kinds of respiratory problems and asthma pratiniyita.