No one needs to know what to do immediately plays the poison?


    Do not quarrel with anyone in the family is unable to control anger can cause one accident. No one was hurt, angry and emotionally destructive life out of any medicine drink. Also adults and children due to careless mistake by taking poison.


     Bisapanera patients often found in the writings: pesticide to drink, eat a lot of sleeping pills, drinking kerosene, dhutarara seeds mixed with food to eat, no medicine accidentally eaten in large quantities, or excessive drinking of alcohol poisoning. Bisapanera just about possible to imagine the type of patient bisapanera. Bisapanera generally take the following measures without delay and send a hospital.

    If the patient is not breathing, give artificial respiration
    The first patient is conscious ekaglasa water or milk to drink poison, because it becomes thinner and reduce the effects of poison damage. Children half a glass of water or milk to drink good patient. Liquid unconscious patient can not be given. He would give him the advantage.

    He will decide whether the patient should be vomiting. After all bisapanera can not be done because of vomiting. If the patient is unconscious patient’s body convulsions, vomiting should not be given. Some of toxin entry into the mouth, or mouth and into the lungs to cause annanalite dagdhatara inflammation or infection, the patient should have made such bisapanera vomiting should not be.


    Cause vomiting during the re-specified substances that increase the amount of wounds
    Poison that causes burns and wounds:

    Acid or acid

    Alkali or elakali

    Refining used in the house

    Pariskarakaraka refining bathroom bathroom drain