Not buying the house to check the spelling of his own toothpaste !!


Dentists need to brush twice a day to keep in good health to all in dentistarai. Geroya advertising company and we sit and think for tooth toothpaste could be the best. It’s not that I do not try. What is the difference between a particular understand? Make yourself at home at the time of the organic toothpaste.

The toothpaste will remove teeth yellow dye, as a cure for cavity and helps to keep gums healthy. This is the most important element Neem toothpaste. From ancient times neem bharatiyedara brings dental care. Ayantibyakateriyala with the baking soda and coconut oil could cure times a dental infection of any kind.

What you need

Baking soda: 3 table spoons

Neem powder: 1 table spoon

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: 3 table spoons

Jilitala: 1 table spoon (a variety of chewing chewing mouth fresheners are used as jilitala)

How to make

Keep up all the ingredients and mix until a paste will become patra. The temperature will depend on the density of the paste. During hot little thin, a little more frequently during winter habekacera Keep jar filled with paste on a regular basis so that you can easily use.