Not scissors, hair cutting saloons were the ax-hammer!


Scissors to cut the hair saloons equipment, combs This dream as we know it. But the hair is being cut kurule, never heard of such a novel stem? Thinking ax to cut hair! What kind of in the back.


Kemanai or scene will be the haircut! A small device with which the saloons ghyaca ghyaca hair is cut, it is possible with the ax?

That is incredible, but the Moroccan was a whim. Knife, razor There is, instead of being kept for the haircut saloons ax and hammer.

The haircut saloons recently shared a video on YouTube into one. After which it viral on social media. Is seen on the video, a man is sitting in a chair. And an ax in one hand, his other hand with a hammer CUTTING hair.


How? First touch takes ax to the head. Then the ax hammer to gently hit. And therein is a nice way to cut hair.