Now China is building a huge Titanic ??


Titanic is being made again. Large ballroom, modern casino, just as seen in the film, precisely so. This is the new Titanic is being made in China. The Titanic length 269 meters, width 8 meters.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio played kyapriyo teeth sparkling in the picture showed a huge ship, the ship is being built in the new Titanic adalei. Ballroom, swimming with modern facilities as well as the supplementary pulato being added to the Wi-Fi.

2014 for the first time since China announced the creation of the Titanic in the shape of the ship. However, this will cost an estimated 150 billion Yuen in shipbuilding.


However, this will not be like the Titanic ship across the country and abroad, will be anchored on the beach in Sichuan province.