Now you can charge any device with wireless sticker. Do not Know How?


French startup company enarjiskayara “has created a new technology which can be used to charge any device without her. However, it is not a conventional built-in charging system.


This technology includes the ability to charge a thin sticker affixed to the device. The two small metal dot stickers (electrodes) with a micro-USB, USB-C or Lightning connector will. The phone’s charging port connector will be put. When the sticker is to be fitted with the device, the device will start to be charged.

The difference with other wireless charging system, rather than the electrical conduction system of the ilektramyaganetika indakasanera has been utilized.


However, this sticker will be stuck in port charging device, so if you pay the normal manner, the sticker must be removed from the device.

The upcoming “Consumer Electronic Show will be open to 2017te said.