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Exactly 10 years ago. Asamudrahimacala shook the whole country in a Hindi film. Ishan abasti sir, a little boy and his nikumbha disaleksiya told the story of the illness of one of the complex. Amir Khan released in 007 ‘of the texture of her pictures had disaleksiyara as well as the path of parenting.


The texture of the little boy in him that uncertainty, fear of the audience that was renamed, today, 10 years later, exactly how big is the role of Ishan darsila Safari? Taran Adarsh tweeted that it was the answer. Handsome teenager darsila now busy with his second film. The lamp is going to be released within a few days ataluri directed kuiki.


The main role of the teenage labhastorite darsila. The posters are available kuiki darsilake LUKE another.

A decade ago, the small crowd waiting to see the new pictures isanera.