Nut gunagunagulo dazed know, hard to cure all diseases


Badamai a handful of key recovery. Heart disease, cancer prevention diet as nuts. Experts claim, there is no alternative nut to avoid premature death. Do not be afraid to go up in weight.

Victoria autrama roads or grass, bright space premabelaya peanuts. Peanut love and relationships intact. Fair or winter zoo, nuts frying pull tight. But eating badamabhaja we ever thought about the quality of endless nut?

Scientists from Imperial College London and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the endless ability to fight the cancer with one-way nut. Cancer growth does not occur in the body. Destroy cancer cells. Breast and prostate cancer in particular, and to some extent reduces the risk of tumors in the body.

Willy eat more, for fear of weight gain, but many have been away from the nuts. Nut is the omega three fats. Eating too many calories in nuts typically associated with the chance to grow. However, the possibility of too much importance’s beam. Their claims, 0 grams of nuts a day eating about 30 percent of heart disease can be reduced. Reduce the likelihood of cancer by 15 percent and reduces the chance of premature Twenty percent. Diabetes, lung problems and reduces the risk of death by about 40 percent.

The researchers report, walnuts, peanuts, almonds Bread in addition to nuts, Brazil nuts, candle nuts, test nuts, kyasiu nuts, cola nuts, pine natase plenty of fiber, magnesium, palianasyacureteda fat. Which reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol levels are correct.


Akharote contain large amounts of antioxidants, which works great as a cancer preventative. Eating a handful of nuts a day is making the rules, right?