Of 6-year-old love ??


For nearly 6000 years, both on the ground floor are sleeping. Safely, nirlpipte. All the events taking place around the world are constantly thwarted by claiming they are mixed with the soil. Now changed their position a bit. Romeo and Juliet, hira-ranjhara love with the story they have to create their own identity.

None of them is alive. Flesh and blood was mixed with the soil. There were bones. An even worn rules. “Lover of bhaladaro. These people know their name. They are involved with the 6,000-year history. Mamtuya village in northern Italy during the excavation of the ground floor of the two kankalake pratnatattbikera recovered.

After examining everything pratnatattbikera said, the kankaladuti 5000-4000 BC. Kankaladuti nearly 6000-year-old. And they said, so maybe the two of them were buried. This is how they died or was buried under the ground.

According to archaeologists on behalf of, at the time of the death of the young people aged 0 to 18 years. Height was 5 feet, two inches around. No one has been able to separate the two of them after death.

Konaodinera They say true love never dies. And the word chahajara year proved once again that love. Their new address is now Italy’s mamtuyara arkiolajikala National Museum.