Old boy from his father’s letter to the helpless! Facebook brawl !!


How are you to ask that feel completely in vain. You think maybe your father does not love you the same. But if you think it’s a mistake if you like the childhood. I sincerely believe that you are better than you in the world because we have the blessings with which he is involved, I do not believe it could be worse. We believe that there is bauma and favorite dadubhaiyerao good. I could not be the father of a girl you marry will not suffer in any way that he got baumake Lakshmi.


 She has come to my daughter Lakshmi sunyasthana! My grandson-natanidera not cuddle a lot and they will do it imperfect. Your poor-poor father needs to speak to you, but you are unable to fulfill the basic needs of the poor are not. So children do not fall by the wayside as a hobby. I’m like a lot of your prayer. Gani Mia was envious of my sukha in the next room, because you come running to me every year duibara.
Leave your hectic charged yet again why come to you, I do not understand. It do not worry that you will not forget you, or less than I would pray this prayer to you, but the amount will be increased day by day. As the days are going to be unable to be compressed in one of my eyes and my world has become like a broken glasses. He did for the poor Gani Mia! Not once did not look behind him after his santanagulo; Just send money without.

Dear son! Life is regretted repeatedly evening. It seems, somewhere I’ve absolutely wrong. I nurtured my duty to go where I could not play properly. Your mother and I did not arrange any plans for life outside himself, but today it seems very helpless. Maybe this is my last letter to you, so you must go to say a few words.



I will say the last word today. Do not worry, I’ll stand accountable kathagoraya. It looks at the ocean beach death, children are estimated susantanera served you as a father, but I’m not at all successful.