On January 16, the day of trouble!


Do not cut all the same a few days of the year. It was a spirit-a day of joy, but the next day had passed down for any reason. But on January 16, a day, or about 017 more than the ways of the year is going to be a sad day. Such as the renowned Life Coach and aranala Cliffs of Happiness Consultants.


Every year on this day to be the most upset of happiness. This is the formal name of the day “Blue Monday”. ‘Monday’, the saddest day of the year, according to a Monday is inevitable. Most of the year, so a sad day on Monday 16 January.

Aranala the terrible January 16 There are many reasons to be upset. What are they? Know nina

1. Monday 16 January. In general, the Monday after the weekend to enjoy the holidays is to work, it has rarely been upset.

II. It was the middle of the month due to financial stress a little. Dikataya is the beginning of prosperity. Over the solvency of months began to decline. By the middle of the month, the duscinta that people consume, the rest will adjust masata it!

3. A large part of the world during the winter. Roddura dead and frost in the air that makes people feel depressed manastattbikara mind.

4. A lot of things to do in the new year, a new thought. But the fact that almost none of the promise that you will not be protected, but the first two have been understood within a week. There will be an upset over the idea.



5. I had a lot on the occasion of the New Year revelry. But after cutting in from the simple life. That’s a bad feeling about your inside working.
What, then, keep yourself ready for the next 16 January. It’s really too bad that in mind, you can cut.