One of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon search Gahine unknown. Never seen them before!


The world is changing very rapidly. However, it can very much understand the indigenous people of the Amazon. 20 so as to live because they spent their ancestors thousands of years ago. Photographer Ricardo stukerta helicopters flew over the dense forest of the Amazon. And then the news came out of the tribe. These are probably the last unknown to one of the tribes of the earth will not know at all. Peruvian border in the depths of the Brazilian rainforests.

Here the tribe is looking from behind a tree. The tribe never seen before. When flying over the bow, they are ready to attack. They were very afraid mechanical pharintake. Many people are hiding in different places read. Some courage to come forward with primitive weapons. Photographer found another tribe. However, modern people have seen them. Ayakrira in the north-western state. The helicopter was forced to change direction due to weather problems. Then they found. Ready to shoot down a helicopter throwing.

He went down a little puzzled. Trying to understand, what is it in danger? Track 20082010 match between the tribe. The way people lived thousands of years ago, as yet, they are living. They are completely isolated from the modern world. Peru, Bolivia and Brazil Cambodian border, 100 are considered to be inhabited by the tribe. It holds that nature. They live in a house. Although Brazil does not contact any of these people with modern people or the government. Some of them do not have any thoughts of overthrowing. But sometimes illegal wood collectors anagonaya their existence is threatened.

Indajenasa Affairs Agency official told the Brazilian José Carlos meirelesa, we thought, the indigenous people of the same hair cut. But the idea was proven wrong. Each tribe has a different style. Many of them looks like a punk. He was a photographer with a helicopter. No one knows what language they speak.



They are very healthy. Corn, bananas and other fruits and to cultivate crops to be seen. Meirelesera idea, this tribe as 100 people may have. But the problem does not become the number three. A helicopter rushed to the bank. According to Carlos, the arrow means, go, let us live in peace. Do not bother.