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    One close-up ring collar famous star of the show is now open in several areas are busy. Every week, you will have several shows. His solo album from the show due to pressure from not being able to finish the work the artist says.

    Ring the day before yesterday and the day before Mymensingh, Dhaka, was tejagaoye show. There are two or three shows per week. Time is now our season. December begins. The show will continue until February. ”

    Open these shows what type of music your audience wants to hear. In response to a question, he said, “Generally, everyone wants to hear ganaguloi folk.”

    News of his solo album, “he said from London,” the light of the moon ‘, the album that brought some of the lyrics. There are still three or four songs left. There are two to three months after the release of the album. Chander light ‘all my own lyrics to the tune. ”

    The ring has been out of the eight solo albums. Last year was the last album under the banner of Laser Vision ‘My heaven’ in the title. Dhaka’s private life with his wife and two children, he lives banasrite.


    2005 close-up One Song at a competitive gained popularity through the prrathama.