Operators will be able to sell off the seam again !!


The SIM card was not properly punarnibandhana illegal bhioaipisaha is closed now, mobile operators will be able to sell them again. The decision is not for now, as part of the new GP Series Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has taken the decision. The decision was taken at a meeting of the regulatory commission.


According to the regulator, the decision to sell nearly half a million new mobile operators to connect old. GP of new connections, especially now that the crisis has to be sold, as a result of this decision for the time being, the Commission thinks that there will not be a problem.

In August last year, as well as the GP 017 series, the Commission decided to use the 013 number series. But it all changed, the Commission has decided to allow the operator to use the old connection.

BTRC chairman said Mahmood Shah, an operator now has a new number series does not seem to need to. 0 billion sanyogasankhya the decision could be considered the new number series.

017 series is assigned a new number series is coming to an end, 10 million more than the number applied to the regulator’s GP. The new regulator’s decision when contacted declined to comment on any operator.