Paradise will be free to those who know the identity of the lucky.


Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him.) Said, seventy thousand men of my Ummah will enter Paradise without reckoning.


They are, divination by the bush-blowing is not bad laksanadite do not believe they just depend on their Lord. (Bokhari and Muslim).

This is proven by the hadith, who is happily still trust in God, believe they are God’s beloved servant firm.

This further proves that our society traditional witchcraft, divination, exorcism, Kaviraji Islam does not support. Unlawful because it was a lot of work.

There is no confidence in God. Kaviraja on the charisma and magic. However, circumcision treatment. The Prophet (peace be upon him.) Made himself sick animal.

Allah is full

Confidence in the way treatment is permissible and there is no problem. There are some verses of the Holy Quran is blowing the benefit of the people. Hadith Sharif has described some of the blessings that treatment is beneficial to the service.

Without faith in God, and as people committed to Paradise has been described in the narration of the hadith dirghabhabe.