Passport at home how to do? Take a look at the online passport nimaya !!


Bangladesh is in keeping with the period ahead. Until recently, the passport issue was too expensive, nowadays there is no longer much. The whole process has been very simple and very easy if you do it yourself at home early in order to be able to create a passport. The two benefits. First of all, you can save time, a lot of unnecessary running from second release is available. And not to be dependent on the agents. Come on, do not know the whole process of creating a passport online.

Passport fill in forms

Analaine passport forms will go to this address first

-Home Service box on the right side of the page and click Apply online for mrp in this part of the passport will be required direction. Continue to online enrollment application form will be online by clicking on the tab. The information on this form the information should be sought.

Delivery Type- just below the upper part of the traveling form in the Supporting Document contains a separate box. That ordinary citizens will not fulfill. Government officials, semi-government, autonomous and permanent state-owned company officers / employees, retired government servicemen to fill it.

-Passport Type for the ordinary citizen to be selected.

-Delivery Type Regular is part of the 30 days and 15 days to be selected for the Express.
The little person dauradauri

A new form will be equal to the address. If you want to fill in the form prescribed in advance by bank deposit receipts pasaporterajanya fees should be collected. The receipt number is to fill in the form.

Abedanapatra print correctly filled with the concerned passport offices to be submitted.

Abedanapatrati silasaha signature verification will verify the official application form.

Passport office, several booths are open. The buthei be submitted.

Abedanapatrati passport office at the time of submitting the information on your computer, you should entry.

He will give you a token erapara.

Tokenasaha application to take pictures with the officer assigned to go.


-Jatiyo The photos were taken for identity, specify the size of the picture will be the same here. Remember that white cloth can not be photographed.

Ilekatranika machine should be two finger prints.

Erapara electronic signature will be taken.

At the end of the application process with the central authorities for the collection of passport will give you a different document. Passport will inform the date of collection.

Abedana Applicant must be present when submitting the form. Although there will not be time to collect himself.

Online passport cekim
Delivery date can not be determined whether or not to take delivery of the passport can learn online.