Patients with diabetes can safely eat 5 fruits

People whose lives have diabetes, their lives have become smaller menus. It can not eat, can not eat it is to them about this.

Kathato fruit or something sweet to eat, they can not imagine.

Although five of the sweet fruit is good for diabetics. Do not worry, they can eat 5 fruits. The results are:

Papaya: ripe papaya is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. This is quite a good amount of vitamin phalatiteo

‘C’ is.

Blackberry: the fruit can eat without worry. Blackberry sugar helps to keep the patient’s blood sugar levels under control. Blackberry seeds, half a teaspoon of the powder that can be eaten once a day, if it is healthy for the patients.

Kiuyi: This fruit is very good for the health of patients with diabetes. The fruit helps to reduce blood sugar levels and keeps body healthy.

Guava: Guava fruit is beneficial to diabetes to eat one. Guava plenty of vitamin C and vitamin A, which is very beneficial for the health of patients sugar.

Jack: So everybody knew that Jack is absolutely forbidden for patients with diabetes. But doctors said recently quite beneficial for patients with breadfruit sugar.

This is the fruit of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, niacin is the beneficial elements, which are nutrients in these patients.