Phonasakti cut phones that way !!


You just can not be without a mobile phone? His meaning was created on your mobile phone addiction. Addiction can reduce phone-phone market that is coming soon.

The phone is called the “anti-smartphone”. The name of the phone lights. The price of $ 100. The call was made to reduce the use of smartphone concept.

Kikastartare a group of entrepreneurs in raising funds for the phone. Iyanatai phone factory in China this month to start.

Light has been referred to on the phone, the phone lights to start from November. Black and white in the shape of a credit card, the phone will be available in the market.

There are advantages to forward phone calls from the smartphone. The phone battery life of three weeks. There is no Internet access. The tuji nano-SIM support.

The Touch Module, a microphone, a camera, but there is maikroiuesabi port.

Smartphone addiction who want to leave, they can use this phone. The phone will come in handy for the light gradually reduce the use of phones.

All calls other than essential lights will be reduced through the use of features.