Physical strength will increase manifold in the morning to eat two!


    In order to meet a variety of nutrients the body Every day we are eating a lot of food. But what kind of diet to be able to increase our yaunasakti about it, but everyone is aware that we are not.

    If the intake of vitamin and mineral balance in the body usually endrokraina the system is activated. Estrogen in our body and make it testosteranera the controls.

    Estrogen and testosterone is necessary for the performance of sexual desires and wishes. Sexually transmitted largely controls the production of our food.

    Let us assume that a few of the daily diet increases your body yaunasakti bahuguna

     There are more than dudhah animal-fat foods such natural improve your yaunajibanera. For example, pure milk, skim milk, butter, etc. Most people want to avoid fat foods.

    But if you want to increase the amount of the body’s sex hormones, then you need to eat plenty of fat. However, to be sagulike natural and saturated fat.