Pirojpur large “whale” rescue??


Large marine animals caught in nets into the deep sea fishermen. Some people say shark, someone says, ‘paniyala or whales. However, sales of the coast, and the buyer could not be located on the banks of the canal flowing through the city patharghata fishermen left.

Upazila executive officer, said khojam being taken in this regard.

Nirmal Babu’s mother called the mother of the owner of the trawler FB Pirojpur deep sea fishing trawler caught the fish on Tuesday.

At two pm on Wednesday, the spot can be seen on the banks of the canal flowing through the city of Patharghata large marine animals have fallen. Thick rope tied to a tree with dead animals have been kept. Teens are happy child with her back up.

Some of the fishermen have come to see the animals, “said paniyala. However, Patharghata Upazila Fisheries Officer. Authentic Murad Hossain said, “it is a different species of whale.” Whale-like mammal found in his body, he claimed.

Local people have seen the tape measure with animals 6 feet in length and a half. Chest 16 feet from the barrier. The fishermen claimed that an estimated three tons of weight. However, a mother, a mother of Pirojpur fishing trawler FB businessman Nirmal Babu sea fishing net stuck around. Traveled about 18 hours Patharghata fish was brought.


To clarify the owner of the trawler, FB mother, his mother caught the trawler fishermen bring it to market. Refusing to buy local fish traders have been left on the banks of the canal animal. Patharghata Upazila Executive Officer. Rabiul Islam said, “The necessary measures will be taken in consultation with the fisheries officer.”