Preity Zinta’s suicide note in which he wrote himself, brother!


Bollywood actress Preity Zinta’s brother committed suicide by shooting him in the head Nitin cauhana (37). On Friday morning, his body was recovered from his car. Nitin, however, is not pleased with his brother, cousin. Simla was.

Ghanisthamahala nitinera said, is to cut off his relationship with his wife a couple of years ago. This was a case in court. The hearing was Friday. Nitin committing suicide under pressure from his wife and in-laws allegedly took.

The family nitinera Thursday night he went to sleep after eating. After a while her mother went into the boy could not see nitinera. Maybe he thought draibhinye out. Nitinake began searching the house while the family was not there to see.

Meanwhile, some distance from home, a neighbor saw a car nitinera informed. In addition, police reported. Nitinera frozen bodies recovered from inside the vehicle. Suicide notes from his car and retrieve a pistol.